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Our next New You Retreat is
scheduled for January 9-16 2015

The 7-Day New You Retreat isn’t simply a detox program you can find anywhere. It’s a detox for cleansing your mind, thoughts and emotions, which rejuvenates your system and creates powerful results you’ll notice immediately.

Do you feel somehow ‘stuck’ in your thoughts and habitual patterns?

It may seem like it, but you aren’t alone in how you feel. Most people are stuck and feel like slaves to their thoughts, emotions and cravings.

And most people aren’t aware of how to get “un-stuck.”

Millions of people are stressed out, eat poorly, have challenging or difficult relationships, and don’t see a whole lot of meaning in their lives. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can change it all, if you really want to.

You should be waking up with a smile and a great mood every day, feeling energised and excited about your life.

To properly rejuvenate our system we must cleanse our thoughts and emotions as well as cleansing our physical body. The New You Retreat is a guided 7-day detox cleanse and personal development retreat in one.

It’s not only going to change your life, it’s going to be fun and relaxing!

After 7 days of the New You Retreat you will have begun to:

  • Improve your life from the inside out
  • Acquire the skills to ensure you love your life
  • Eliminate negative harmful thought patterns
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Improve your sleeping troubles
  • Increase your inspiration levels
  • Reduce cravings
  • Improve your internal relationship with yourself
  • Discover a more optimistic lens for your life

Last year, we changed a lot of lives for the better, this year we are opening it up to more people to improve the quality of the life they have.

This is not your typical cleanse. This is much more than a basic 7 day detox cleanse. No concoctions to choke down, you won’t feel hungry all the time, and you don’t need any special knowledge to participate in this incredible journey.

By taking action and deciding that you want a better life, you are going to uncover some of the best detoxing methods in the world. These include:

yoga_new you retreat

The Physical Detox – We are going to take care of the body; cleanse it without causing discomfort or asking you to choke down unpleasant drinks. We will offer support and guidance through pleasant exercises designed for any age level, physical condition, or ability level. Imperfection is perfection.

The Emotional Detox – You have been carrying around old wounds, childhood trauma, phobias, sadness, anger, frustration, and feelings of regret and worthlessness for too long. They are weighing you down. We are going to remove them using non-invasive techniques that do not involved divulging secrets or offering embarrassing stories in a group format. We specialize in ensuring your comfort through your stay with us.

The 7 Day New You Detox is a retreat that offers peace for the body and the mind. You don’t need to know anything about health or be spiritual. You just need to want to change how you feel.

We both know that it cannot be done alone. Real change comes from within you and around you. The 7-Day Detox is a guided program that takes place in beautiful and tranquil Thailand.

This retreat is unique in that it approaches all the areas of your life that you aren’t satisfied with. The New You will come away rejuvenated and invigorated with benefits that last a lifetime including:

  • Increased Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Overall Positive Well-Being
  • Ability to easily let go of poor and harmful habits
  • Better communication within yourself
  • Release of negative emotions & thoughts you’ve held on to for too long
  • Peace of mind through the acquisition of new ways to approach life

The 7-Day New You Retreat is a guided physical and emotional detox where you will receive special attention, as if you are the only person in attendance.

You’ll be able to understand every step in the process and why it’s important. Just detoxing and doing exercises on your own is not how to achieve results and get the life you deserve.


This retreat has changed people’s lives. It is a personal development and physical cleanse program designed to transform your mental, emotional & physical well-being.


You don’t need any special knowledge or training, just an open mind. We will gently guide you through:

  • Physical Cleanse
  • Daily Life Coaching Sessions
  • Life Planning Sessions
  • Fun Yoga
  • Nutritious Green Smoothies
  • Delicious Fresh Fruits
  • Meditation
  • Beach Time & Relaxation

This program is designed to increase your energy, lose weight, feel better, let go of bad habits and feel more at peace within yourself.

Now imagine for a minute if you could do any of the following right now…

Reset your body, reduce the mental noise in your head, lower your stress levels, build your self-confidence, reboot your mind and/or start living your best life ever, in a state of good health and well-being! 


You will learning and transforming through the support of these world class practitioners:

  • Tim Robins – Mind Coach, Life Coach and Group Facilitator
  • Jennifer Thompson – Detox expert
  • Julie Hirunchai  – Phuket’s most loved Ashtanga yoga teacher
Tim-Robins EFT NLP
Jennifer Thompson
Julie Hirunchai_portrait


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