Communication Detox Workshops

communication-detoxwith Barbara O’Hagan

Have you ever considered detoxing the way you communicate?

Most likely, you’ve never considered such a thing. Well, until now.

Think about it, what could be more important than the ways in which you communicate? Not only to others, but also to yourself.

During the New You Retreat, NLP Life Coach Barbora O’hagan will be offering an empowering ‘Communication Detox’ program.

Barbara will be teaching you advanced techniques for enhancing the clarity and effectiveness of your communication. There will be fun exercises that will stretch mental boundaries and bring about new ways of thinking.

This program will run over three afternoons as a series of interactive workshops. The purpose of these workshops will be to enhance the quality and effectiveness of your communication.

In the Communication Detox workshops you will:

  • Understand how you how you think and why you do the things you do
  • Learn how to cleanse and purify the messages you communicate
  • Discover how your energy can really work for you and other
  • Learn tools and techniques for how you can use your energy positively
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your purpose in life
  • Discover what you want to change in your life
  • Learn how to live the life you have imagined for yourself
  • Enhance your everyday living through understanding the natural cycles in life
  • Receive a ’10 Day Communication Detox Plan’ to apply when you return home

Barbara OHagan New You RetreatPower, presence and passion are vital for living an abundant life and we will begin bringing these in by doing a communication detox. I will share my knowledge and passion on how to cleanse and purify the message we send out to others and ourselves.

Participants will have a ten day ‘Communication Detox’ plan to take home. Participants will learn about the whole brain thinking model and how that to use this for effective communication.

We will also discuss in-depth the power of asking quality, high-mileage questions and about the intelligence of the heart.

These are topics that fascinate and excite me immensely and I thoroughly look forward to sharing this with everyone at the New You Retreat!

Babara ‘Barbs’ O’Hagan

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