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If you are interested in feeling more energy and rejuvenating your body naturally, ‘How To Be Healthy In A Toxic World’ may be the most useful eBook you will ever buy.

This 156 page eBook is packed with easy-to-follow practical steps that clearly explain the most proven methods for detoxing and nourishing your system (body & mind).

It is a collection of all of the most effective and affordable methods for detoxifying and rejuvenating your body naturally.

The author: since 2005 Tim Robins has been working as a Detoxification Consultant and therapist in several of Thailand’s most popular wellness centers. Tim spent over 1 year researching and compiling this collection of ‘do it yourself’ detoxification methods.

You can now learn in minutes what has taken Tim Robins over 7 years to research and test himself.

  • Over 150 pages of condensed information and ‘how to’ instructions
  • Over 40 proven tools & techniques for detoxing & rejuvenating your body
  • Written in easy-to-read language
  • No jargon or complicated medical terms
  • Dozens of useful images throughout the eBook
  • Over 200 hyperlinks to websites, articles, videos, online shops, research papers etc

You will learn all of the following

Detoxing Tools

    • The best value water filtration systems for your home
    • The household product that pulls out toxic chemicals and pathogens for just pennies per day
    • One of the best instant hangover cures
    • How to flush out gallbladder stones safely and without pain
    • How to cleanse your entire digestive tract with this incredible natural clay
    • The top 5 most proven products for naturally pulling out heavy metals


Ways To Prevent Re-Toxification

    • How to avoid toxic toiletries and replace them with healthy alternatives
    • Ladies – avoid lipsticks which contain this neuro-toxic heavy metal
    • Removing these toxic items from your body is one of the greatest gifts you can give your health
    • This is nature’s most potent natural cleaning agent. Highly effective and non-toxic!


Natural Antibiotics

    • The highly effective anti-acne gel, chemical free and very affordable
    • Nature’s most potent antimicrobial oil, Tea Tree Oil‘s bigger brother (excellent for healing skin infections)
    • Clean your blood of bacteria and parasites using this safe and effective device
    • Discover nature’s greatest antibiotic, lethal to pathogens yet safe enough to spray in your eye


Outstanding Ways To Nourish & Feed Your Body

    • Get massive nutrition in under 10 minutes with this method
    • Deliver energy-boosting nutrition to your body with this recommended brand of multivitamins
    • This essential vitamin that lowers cholesterol, feeds your heart and boosts your immune system
    • This essential mineral lowers your blood pressure, calms your mind and is crucial for strong bones
    • Find the best source of probiotics, the good bacteria that are vital for good digestion
    • Too acidic inside? Try these 2 proven methods for re-balancing your body’s pH


Mental/Emotional Support: Breaking Bad Habits & Lowering Stress

    • Discover this highly efficient, safe and fun form of exercise, as recommended by NASA
    • Use this audio technology to help you break destructive thought/behavior patterns in just days
    • Learn this energy-based technique for letting go of pent up stress and anxiety in minutes


Try before you buy

Download an entire chapter of ‘How To Be Healthy In A Toxic World’ for free. This chapter is on how to remove highly toxic heavy metals from your body naturally and safely. 

If you like the content and style of the free chapter above, then the full 156 page eBook can be purchased below. This is the latest version of the eBook (Version 2), published in March 2012.

How To Be Healthy In A Toxic World
How To Be Healthy In A Toxic World
How To Be Healthy In A Toxic World - Over 40 incredible methods to detoxify and rejuvenate your body naturally.
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Price: $9.95