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About The Retreat

+Why should I consider coming to the New You Retreat?

If you value your personal development as much as you do great health then this is an ideal retreat for you.

Unlike other detox centers, the New You Retreat places a large focus on helping you to quieten your mind and offload unwanted emotional stress from your system.

We place as much emphasis on healing the non-physical aspects of you as we do cleansing and strengthen your physical body.

By the end of this 7 day program, you can literally expect to feel like a New You has awoken.

+What results can I expect by the end of the retreat?

Previous New You Retreat guests have reported a life-changing shift in their thinking, inner self-talk and their overall outlook on life.

You are likely to lose 3-5kg /6.5-11lbs in weight over the 7 days.

You will be seeing yourself through kinder and more compassionate eyes.

You will be seeing and hearing others with greater patience and tolerance.

You will feel a new depth of peace towards painful events in your past.

You will have made some great friends, several of whom you may stay in touch with for many years to come.

You will have a selection of new tools and techniques (mental, emotional and physical) with which you can continue to reduce stress, maintain a lower weight, keep your energy levels high and keep yourself feeling more confident and in control.

You will also be returning home with a large amount of practical knowledge of how you can eat better, detox your body at home and better handle stress when it arises.

+Who is this retreat designed for?

The New You Retreat is aimed at men and women of all cultures and backgrounds.

Anyone from 18 years and older will get great benefit from attending. (For our last retreat the youngest participant was 20 and the oldest was 74)

The only requirement is a competent level of spoken English.

+Who is this retreat not suitable for?

The New You Retreat is unsuitable for the following categories of people:

  • If you feel resistant to exploring yourself mentally, emotionally or spiritually
  • If you are currently battling with heavy alcohol or drug addiction
  • If you suffer from any serious mental health disorder such as schizophrenia, manic depression, suicidal thoughts or any such related condition
  • If you are currently battling with anorexia or bulimia
+Is this a cleanse or a detox?

This is a 7 day cleanse, rather than a detox.

A detox typically involves fasting and usually results in strong physical reactions in the body (headaches, skin rashes, dizziness, very low energy and sometimes flu-like symptoms and emotional instability etc)

We want you to avoid such symptoms and to have sufficient energy to engage in the yoga classes, personal growth workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions.

That’s why we have opted for a green smoothies cleanse rather than an intensive full detoxification program.

+Will I get detox reactions during the cleanse?

It really depends on your current lifestyle and how toxic your body currently is. If you have never detoxed or cleansed your body before there is a higher chance you’ll be feeling a bit low day 2 or 3.

Such symptoms are swiftly eliminated by drinking more green smoothies, plenty of water and by having daily relaxing massage.

If you do feel excessively tired it’s perfectly okay to rest! This is your retreat and it is up to you to decide how best to give your body what it needs. If you need to rest, instead of attending workshops for example, then that is fine with us.

Tim will be available to assist you should you feel like talking to someone about any detox/healing/emotional reactions that you are experiencing.

+What percentage of the day will be given to the workshops?

Each day will include 2-3 hours of self-development workshops. Approximately 2 hours each morning and a further hour each afternoon/early evening.

You are invited to participate in every workshop, event and 1:1 session, but no part of the 7 day retreat is compulsory.

+Do I have to share personal information during the workshops/sessions?

No, you don’t have to share anything unless you feel comfortable to do so. The extent of your participation in any of the personal development sessions is completely up to you.

Many attendees have experienced empowering inner changes without sharing personal information with the group.

Our retreats cultivate a deep sense of trust and mutual respect with all participants.

Everything that takes place in the exercises/sessions is completely confidential.

+How much leisure time will there be?

You will get several hours each day to spend as you wish.

+What happens after I register?

Immediately after registering you will receive a welcome email with some interesting links to videos that you can start watching and getting benefit from.

You will be kept updated with monthly email updates about the retreat.

Tim will also send you some optional preparatory exercises that will help you to maximise your physical, mental and emotional results from the retreat.

The December update will include useful print outs including information on Thailand, Thai culture, basic words in Thai, health, safety and the resort address details in Thai (useful for giving to taxi drivers).

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About Getting To Phuket

+Do I need a visa for Thailand?

The majority of nationalities can get an automatic visa upon arrival in Thailand, typically 15-30 days. Some nationalities may also require a letter of invitation. So please check with your local embassy to be certain.

Please also check to ensure that you have at least 1 year left on your passport.

+When should I arrive?

If you are flying from Canada, the USA or south America it would be advisable to arrive at least 1 day before the retreat begins to allow yourself some time to get over jet lag.

Likewise, if you usually suffer from jet lag (regardless from where you are flying from) it would be advisable to arrive 1-2 days before the retreat begins.

+Will there be someone to meet me at airport?

No, there won’t be someone to greet you at the airport. But simply get a taxi to the bottom of the island to the Sunsuri Resort in Nai Harn and ask for a receipt. We will then reimburse you for your taxi fares from and to the airport.

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About Thailand

+Will I get to see any of Thailand?

Yes, we will be taking you on an excursion midway through the week to see stunning Thai temples and the Big Buddha statue.

+Do I need to be worried about tropical diseases?

No, there is very little need to worry about tropical diseases. Although doctors often recommend (highly toxic) anti-Malaria tablets when travelling to Thailand, this is totally unnecessary for Phuket island.

Dengue fever does exist in Thailand, but again, it’s rare in Phuket. There is, in our opinion, very little cause for concern about tropical diseases.

At last New You Retreat all 29 participants enjoyed a wonderful week in paradise without anyone suffering from any such problems.

Should any problem of a medical nature arise, there are two world-class hospitals on Phuket island.

+Can I eat food during the retreat?

Well, you can if you like, but this will counteract the benefits of doing a green smoothie cleanse!

It may seem like a huge step to give up food, but the reality is that green smoothies are incredibly filling. After a few glasses you won’t be able to drink any more, so hunger is not going to be an issue for you.

+Can I drink alcohol or smoke during the retreat?

Again, you can if you want, but instead we recommend that you use this retreat as a springboard to quitting smoking and reducing your alcohol intake.

Tim and Scott  will be on hand throughout the retreat offering their skilled therapeutic/coaching assistance to help you let go of cravings and/or withdrawal symptoms.

+What about drinking water in Thailand?

Tap water in the resort, while clean, is heavily chlorinated and therefore should not be ingested. Bottled water is how 98% of people in Thailand drink water.

We will be providing plenty of fresh drinking water throughout your stay with us.

+What clothes or items do I need to bring with me?

* light and loose clothes (t-shirts, shorts, cotton trousers, vest tops are ideal)

* one sweater/fleece (on the rare possibility that it will be cool in the evenings)

* clothes for yoga, beach run and swimming

* flip-flops or slip-on shoes are best

* basic toiletries and personal hygiene products

* sun protection (cream, hat, sunglasses)

* a camera to record your fun!


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