Meet The New You Retreat Facilitators

Tim Robins

Creator of NLT Therapy, Master NLP Coach & Group Facilitator

Tim-Robins EFT NLPSince 2003 Tim has been helping people to change the way that they think, feel and live.

He has worked with over 3000 people in 1:1 sessions (including royalty, celebrities, CEOs and sporting professionals), helping them to replace unwanted thoughts and feelings with empowering new beliefs and behaviours.

Tim knows what makes you tick, what’s holding you back and how to help you  change the way your mind works.

As the man behind the New You Retreat, Tim will be personally facilitating and guiding you through the 7 days of personal transformation.

To find out more about Tim’s work you can visit his therapy & coaching website here:

Scott Stevenson

Peak Performance Mind Coach & Group Facilitator


Known for his warm and caring personality, Scott started in career in Peak Performance Psychology 14 years ago.

Scott coaches corporate executives, elite sportspeople and regular everyday people to enhance their mental, emotional and physical performance.

Throughout the retreat Scott’s mission is to help you overcome physical, emotional and personal blockages so that you can move from “surviving’ to ‘thriving’.

Scott will be co-facilitating the retreat with Tim. Your mental and emotional well-being will be Scott’s primary focus throughout the retreat.

He will be helping you to break old unwanted habits whilst enabling you to discover your hidden talents and strengths.

People who have worked with Scott on a 1:1 basis describe his sessions as ‘profound’,  ‘life-changing’ and ‘deeply liberating’.

Julie Hirunchai

Certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

Julie Hirunchai_portrait
Julie Hirunchai has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, 12 of those years she has dedicated to an uninterrupted Ashtanga practice.

She did her teacher training at Yoga Thailand in 2005 with Paul Dallaghan and has studied under numerous other teachers since, in both Thailand and India, most recently with Ajay Kumar of Mysore, India.

Julie’s approach is warm, caring and encouraging. Regardless of whether you are an experienced yogi or a complete novice, her classes are engaging, playful and rewarding.

“The longer I teach yoga the more I realize I’m still a student, and will always be a student. The study of yoga is an on going path which really never ends, but continues to challenge me in every part of my life.” Julie

Julie’s personal yoga website can be found here:

Craig Burton

Nutritional Expert & Fitness Trainer

Craig Burton2014 marks Craig’s 20th year working in the field of Health and Fitness. He is passionate about transforming his client’s bodies, health and well-being.

Craig began his career as a Personal Trainer but over the last 10 years his main focus has been as a Nutritional therapist and weight loss expert.

Craig uses a systematic approach starting with comprehensive questionnaires to find out your health goals, current health status, current nutrition, lifestyle and movement choices.

His unique approach to health and well-being includes naturally addressing hormone imbalances, digestive system dysfunction, toxicity, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and movement and postural screening.

You will receive your very own 1:1 Nutritional Coaching session with Craig.

Craig will also be delivering three 90 minute group presentations throughout the 7 day retreat. Topics will include:

* liver function, toxicity & detoxification
* food intolerance and nutrient deficiency
* the connection between cortisol, stress and weight gain
* the role of balancing your hormones for lasting weight loss

You can find out more about Craig’s transformational nutrition coaching here:

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