New You Retreat Overview

New You Retreat Phuket

The New You Retreat is a guided 7 day detox cleanse and personal development retreat in one. To properly rejuvenate our system we must cleanse our thoughts and emotions as well as cleansing our physical body.

In this single retreat we are combining an impressive collection of healing modalities:

Physical detox + Emotional Detox + Communication Detox

+ Yoga + Green Juices + Green Smoothies + Meditation + Fun + Sun

This program is designed to increase your energy, lose weight, feel better, let go of bad habits and feel more at peace within yourself. You will also learn practical techniques about nutrition, diet and emotional well-being for long-term health and success.

Finally, something that really works!

Reset your body, reboot your mind and start living your best life ever, in a state of good health and well-being!

Each day of the 7 day retreat you will be invited to participate in personal growth workshops designed to reduce mental noise, lower your stress levels, strengthen your self-confidence and enhance your communication skills.

Below you can read about each section of the retreat in more detail:

Physical Detox & Cleanse

Jennifer Thompson Green Smoothie Phuket

Detox expert  Jennifer Thompson  will be guiding your physical cleanse throughout the retreat and also providing highly informative nutritional talks each day of the retreat.

Jennifer’s goal is to support your physical transformation and to prepare you for long-lasting and continued change once you’re back at home.

The underlying foundation of the New You Retreat is a green smoothie and green juice detox cleanse. By replacing regular meals with freshly made green drinks, you will be giving your body the chance to gently detoxify and cleanse itself over the 7 day period.

The juices will provide your system with a high-boost of minerals, vitamins, alkalinity and chlorophyll. The green smoothies provide your body with much needed nutrition and fiber in a ready-to-digest format (blended) so that your internal organs have minimal work to do. In fact, the fiber in green smoothies makes them so filling that there’s no need to worry about being hungry during the cleanse. It’s true!

Not only will you find yourself sleeping much better while consuming lots of green smoothies, you’ll also be cultivating the perfect internal environment for the mental and emotional changes that go hand-in-hand with this very special program.

While effortless weight loss is not the main reason for doing a detox, it is a common result.

You can expect to lose between 3-7kg over the 7 day period. Other physical benefits of the cleanse include resetting your digestion, revitalizing your intestinal tract, cleaning the lymphatic system, strengthening the liver and kidneys, clearing the skin and overall detoxifying the body from the inside-out.

Jennifer will also be offering a limited number of one-on-one Iridology Sessions during the retreat. The price will be 3000Baht per session and places are limited, so if you are interested, you will need to book in early to guarantee a place.

Why replace meals with green juices & green smoothies?

Delicious Green Smoothie

Delicious & Cleansing Green Smoothie

The highly refined foods that you eat every day, including sugar and white flour, makes you susceptible to intestinal problems, and possible diseases.  The average diet today is heavily loaded with chemical additives, flavorings, coloring agents, toxic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other toxic chemicals which overburden our bodies.

Add to that work and family-related stress, indigestion, illnesses, constipation and sedentary lifestyles, and you have a recipe for an unhealthy colon and an overweight and tired body.

Periods of abstinence from solid food – a ritual performed since ancient times – can allow the body to “cleanse and purify”, that is, to remove toxins, excess fat and even parasites caused by years of ingesting processed food, excess food, refined sugar and wheat and even fast food that eventually impairs the normal functioning and our body’s elimination.

During fasting, large amounts of these accumulated metabolic wastes and poisons are eliminated through the cleansing ability of all the organs of elimination – the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin.

Many health conditions are caused by the combination of processed foods, low fiber diets and poor evacuation of waste. When your elimination organs are not functioning regularly or properly, the entire body becomes stressed.

A Detox Juice Fast is especially good for you if you suffer from:

  • Arthritis
  • Allergies/Hay fever
  • Bloating & or Inflammation
  • Bad breath
  • Body odor
  • Constipation & or Diarrhea
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Excess weight
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome / Digestive Disorders
  • Acid Reflux
  • Lack of energy
  • Bad skin
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Insomnia

A physical Detox is also is recommended to do if you:

  • Eat cooked or processed foods
  • Eat excessive amounts of food
  • Consume meat and dairy products
  • Have a high fat or high sugar diet
  • Smoke cigarettes
  • Regularly drink alcohol
  • Live a stressful lifestyle

REMEMBER: You are what you eat, and you are also what you don’t eat!

A successful detox program allows you to eliminate the buildup of toxic waste but should also rebuild your mineral and vitamin reserve.

The Benefits of Detox and Juice Fasting:

  • Improve your energy levels
  • Increase metabolism
  • Enhance weight loss
  • Restore your digestive system
  • Cleanse your liver and colon
  • Balance your hormones

While weight loss is not the main reason for behind our physical detox program it is a common result. On average you can expect to lose between 3-7kg over the 7 days.

Jennifer will also be offering a limited number of one to one Iridology Sessions during the retreat. The price will be 3000Baht per session and places are limited, so if you are interested you will need to book in early to guarantee a place.

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Mental & Emotional Detoxification

Tim Robins NLP EFT WorkshopTim Robins will be offering you exciting and effective daily workshops designed to help you let go of stress and enhance self-confidence.

Tim will introduce you to a powerful integration of 3 well known forms of energy psychology – Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Timeline therapy.

Don’t let these unusual names put you off, these 3 techniques are incredibly powerful and will enable you to actually let go of unwanted thoughts, feelings or behaviours that are no longer serving you.

You don’t need any previous experience in personal growth to get benefit from Tim’s workshops.  Whether you have already done a lot of personal growth work on yourself or if you have never done something like this before, you will experience some empowering changes in your thoughts and feeling.

Tim’s EFT & NLP workshops will be of great benefit to you if you want to address the following types of issues:

Anger & Frustration Guilt & Blame Self-Criticism
Anxiety Mood Swings Self Sabotage
Depression Panic Attacks Stress & Tension
Fears & Worries Relationship Pain Work/Life Imbalance

Tim will not only use these techniques with you during the retreat, but he will also teach you how to use it for yourself, thereby equipping you with self-help tools that you can take home with you.

Tim will also be offering a limited number one to one sessions during the retreat. Further to this Tim will also be making available the skills of several other therapists certified under him.

If you are interested in making lasting changes to your mind or emotional issues then these sessions will be f significant benefit to you.

Daily Yoga

Julie_yogaJulie Hirunchai is a compassionate, playful and highly experienced yoga teacher.

The benefits of stretching and strengthening  your physical body throughout the retreat are huge.

Julie’s yoga sessions begin be gently awakening your body and then move onto the positions designed to help you release physical tension from your neck, arms, shoulders, back, stomach, legs and mind.

Julie is a highly experience yoga teacher who will be able to guide you through a morning yoga practice whether you are an experience yogi or a complete beginner.

You will come away from Julie’s yoga sessions feeling lighter, brighter and more empowered. Please note that all yoga classes are completely optional and you should only attend them if it feels like a pleasure to do so.

Communication Detox Workshops


Join NLP Life Coach & Hypnotherapist Barbara O’Hagan for 3 afternoon workshops that will upgrade the way you communicate.

Included within the New You Retreat, these fascinating workshops are designed to help you reduce conflict and increase rapport through ‘cleaner’ communication.

You will learn about your non verbal communication and how to align yourself in ways that result in the ability to communicate with greater influence. This information will serve you in your personal and professional life.

You will return home with a new collection of tools, techniques and distinctions that are easy to use and produce instant improvements in your interactions with others.

What’s more, you will find Barbara’s workshops fun, playful and very enjoyable.

The Result

The ResultBy the end of this 7 day retreat you will be feeling empowered, rejuvenated and more in control of your life.

Your mind will be calmer and clearer and your heart will feel more open and alive.

You will be feeling more confident in yourself and more able to handle the challenges in your life.

You will notice how things that used to make you feel worry, regret or anxiety no longer carry the power to negatively affect you.

You are likely to catch yourself seeing the world through more positive and hopeful eyes.

You will find yourself communicating differently within yourself and with others. It won’t be long before you are manifesting more positive outcomes in your relationships and in your work.

Your batteries will have been truly re-charged, not only with more energy but with a renewed sense of optimism about the future ahead of you.

You will feel empowered with new knowledge and new motivation to make better decisions in your eating and health maintenance.

The New You Retreat is the perfect experience to help you let go of pain from your past and then launch you into a more positive, empowering and enjoyable life journey.

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