Mental & Emotional Well-Being

Personal Growth Seminars

Review & upgrade your beliefs, values and goals

subconscous mind icebergWhen was the last time you took a close look at the beliefs and values that you are carrying around in your subconscious mind?

Many people are carrying outdated and limiting beliefs without even being aware of it. Limiting beliefs, such as ‘I’m not good enough’, are holding you back from achieving the quality of results that you are truly capable of.

You will learn profound techniques, processes and models that are used by elite performers in business and professional sports.

The daily Personal Growth Seminars are designed to upgrade the quality of your thinking and level of self-awareness. In doing so you will begin to achieve more impressive results in your work and in your relationships.

By applying these proven techniques in your own life you can begin to achieve results above and beyond anything you have experienced before.

Topics covered in the Personal Growth Seminars

  • Let go of unwanted sugar/food/drink cravings
  • Quickly recognise what motivates others and how to influence them
  • Learn to speak so that others really listen
  • Learn to listen so that others really speak
  • Increase the clarity & effectiveness of your communication
  • Identify your gut-reaction/intuition and how to apply it in your life
  • Discover the power (and potential cost) of your non-verbal body language
  • Discover and create your personal Vision Board
  • Develop a deeper understanding & plan of your Life Purpose


1:1 Life Coaching Sessions

Tim tapping on a client

Tim helping a client to transform her thinking

Through confidential one to one coaching sessions, Tim and Scott will help you to transform yourself in a very personal and meaningful way.

Tim & Scott are both highly experienced Performance Coaches, both trained in 3 of the most advanced forms of therapeutic change-work: Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Timeline therapy.

These sessions are an ideal way for you to address issues such as:

Anger & Frustration Guilt & Blame Self-Criticism
Anxiety Mood Swings Self Sabotage
Depression/Grief Panic Attacks Stress & Tension
Fears & Worries Relationship Pain Work/Life Imbalance

Tim & Scott will not only use these techniques with you during the retreat, but they will also teach you how to use it for yourself, thereby equipping you with a life-changing technique that you can take home with you.


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